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Custom Picture Framing: Everything You Need to Know About

Whether you’re a budding artist or an ardent art lover, art is something that is meant to be shared and relished. That’s why people display their artwork by putting it in the frame. Remember, when you frame artwork or a photograph, you frame a story. Framing is indeed more important than what you think. They add more grace and appeal to the art piece.

If a piece of artwork or item holds an extraordinary value, frame it right with custom framing. Choosing the wrong frames can contradict the other elements in the room or, sometimes, the framed art itself.

What is Custom Framing?

A custom frame guarantees that your art will be preserved for more years to come. What’s more, the materials custom photo frame shops in Atlanta, GA, use are of archival quality, which means they will protect your artwork or collectible from damage.

It uses acid-free mats and kraft paper backing, in addition to durable plexiglass that protects against UV rays. With the help of endless customization options, you can frame your artwork or memorabilia in a truly unique way.

Despite so many customization options, the prices of the custom photo frames are affordable. So, choose the custom photo frames and see the different custom frames they can make for your keepsakes!

Why is Custom Framing Totally worth It?

  • Ready-made frames might be cheap and convenient. But, they might not be able to frame all types of items. In fact, they come in standard sizes. So, they can’t be customized as per your needs.
  • Choosing ready-made frames means you are overlooking the importance of preserving your arts and memories. This is especially important when you are looking to frame something that holds a great sentimental value.
  • Custom picture framing can be the right option in Buckhead, Atlanta if you want to preserve your art and memories for a more extended period. It offers museum-grade preservation and an extra layer of protection, which is especially suitable for antiques and vintage art & pictures.
  • Besides, custom picture frames give you more options than ready-made frames. Custom frames are built, designed, and assembled specifically for you. If you are looking for more diverse options for your artwork or keepsakes, a custom picture frame is an answer.
  • The best thing is many custom picture frame shops in Georgia allow you to choose the protective surface you want, such as glass, acrylic, UV glass, or UV acrylic, and you can even choose a unique shape like a convex or dome-shaped covering.
  • Shadow boxes make for amazing memories. Any 3D item can be framed for display. Your wedding dress, your child’s christening baby dress? The golf ball your spouse shot hole in one? Or how about the US flag or your military medals and certificates? A good framer can frame no matter what you want.
  • Many a times your valuable art, whether on canvas, paper or fabric, is old and frayed, or has mould and is deteriorating. If left unattended, soon it will be totally ruined. If it had commercial value, you lose that, if it had sentimental value, that will soon be lost. In Atlanta, a good framer can provide conservation services to restore it so that you can display it and enjoy for many more years.

What are the Benefits of Custom Framing?

  1. Lots of Customized Options
    A custom framework is specifically designed while focusing on the particular artwork. But it also considers other things such as the surrounding where the artwork is going to be placed. When it comes to custom picture frames, the options are endless. A custom framer uses different types of wood, matting, moulding materials, colors, finishes, and a lot more. More importantly, you get exactly what you were looking for without compromising on quality.
  2. Protect Your Art from the Environmental Factors
    Ready-made frames can be cheap, but the poor material and chemicals used in them can ruin your art piece. Professional custom picture frames use high-quality material and cutting-edge technology that ensure conservation of your art & photos. If you think of framing a one-of-a-kind piece of art or precious vintage art, a custom picture frame is a way to go. They will protect your art piece from UV rays and other environmental factors.
  3. Frame Just About Anything!
    Framing something like antiques & needlework is such a great and unique ability of a custom framer. A custom frame displays the emotions of these objects and protects them from environmental factors. When you have any unique piece, like a poster or autographed sports jerseys, it is essential to frame them properly to preserve them for a longer period.
  4. Give the Most Thoughtful of Gifts
    With the help of custom picture framers, old photos or any mementos can be turned into memorable and meaningful gifts. You can also turn your old lnstagram memories into something one-of-a-kind. Your friend, sibling, or partner unquestionably could not imagine a more thoughtful gift and will relish the golden moments over again and again.