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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Custom Picture Frame

Today, artists have a plethora of options for materials and colors when it comes to framing and matting a piece of artwork. With so many options to choose from, choosing the right fit for you can be challenging and overwhelming. However, if you are new to framing, choosing custom picture framing can be an ideal option. Framing indeed involves a significant amount of decision-making, but this is not the case when you work with a professional and skilled custom framer in Atlanta. To help you choose the right custom frames for your artwork, we have come up with some helpful tips!

Top Things to Consider When Shopping for Custom Picture Framing

• You can provide the custom picture framing shop in Buckhead, Georgia, with the idea about your home’s interior where you will hang the art. Whether you want a modern, sleek look or more traditional and sophisticated, just let them know.

• If you have anything in mind about the artwork, just share it with the custom picture frame shop in Atlanta. They can help to transform your ideas into something that you will relish for years to come. In fact, custom picture framing is all about collaboration!

• Texture, color, and matting are the essential components of the frame. A perfectly curated custom picture frame will always highlight the real essence of the artwork. Luckily, with custom framing, you get a wide range of options to take your art to the next level.

• Choosing the right framing material is equally important. Frames usually come in two materials, i.e., wood and metal. However, wood seems to be a more popular option among people. This might be because it offers more protection and can be sealed tightly to prevent moisture. A custom frame will give your artwork a modern and minimal look, whatever the material type you choose.

• Finding the right custom picture frame can be a complex process. The quality of your art might help you consider the amount of investment. The more minimalistic frame might work fine if you’re framing a child’s art project.

• If you want to keep the frame minimal and simplistic and only want to highlight the beauty of art, you can opt for a neutral-colored frame to complement the work.

• Wooden frames offer a more rugged and traditional look and are a good option for paintings, wholesome photographs, or art. Wooden frames highlight their beauty with warmth and elegant detail.

• One of the critical things to consider while choosing the right frame is matting. Matting adds a more elegant touch to your work as well as complements your interior space.

The Takeaway

A professional custom framer always helps you know what they think works best for the art. If the design doesn’t meet your budget, don’t worry, they can adjust the design to meet your budget. It’s worth highlighting that a custom picture might require a bit of investment but knowing that you will look at the frame for more years to come will give a peace of mind!