What is mounting?

What is mounting?


Mounting is a method by which your artwork may be held in place within the frame. In general, there are two categories of mounting:


  1. Permanent mounting
  2. Conservation mounting


There are advantages and disadvantages to each method, and specific circumstances under which certain methods are recommended.


Permanent Mounting is just that — the irreversible mounting of your artwork onto another material. Permanent mounting is usually done to improve the appearance of your artwork by permanently holding it flat and in position regardless of heat, humidity or physical mistreatment. While the appearance of your artwork may be improved, permanent mounting is not recommended since the value (or potential value) of the artwork may be jeopardized by permanent alteration.


Conservation Mounting encompasses a body of techniques employed to hold your artwork in place without subjecting it to irreversible mounting processes. The objective of conservation mounting is to make it possible to remove your artwork from the frame at a later date without evidence of it having been framed.